Our non-dairy cheeses are all NATURAL! It’s made from nuts like almonds or cashews, which are a healthy and cruelty free option. Additionally, all our products are free from Oil, Soya, Sugar, Gluten, Preservatives, Chemicals, Stabilisers, Gum, Emulsifiers & Trans-fats

In fact, the nutritional value is much better than any dairy cheese the Herbed Feta Cheese has 13.9% protein and can fulfil about half your daily calcium requirements.

It’s much healthier: scientific studies have concluded removing dairy from our diet which is beneficial to our overall health and reduced risk of allergies, cholesterol, diabetes & heart disease. Katharos cheese production is eco-friendly (produces much lower rates of carbon dioxide emissions) and is also free of any animal products making it a cruelty free and environment friendly product

The cheese will taste a little different but is equally delicious. As we don’t add any artificial flavours or stabilisers , the taste will be complimented with other ingredients you use for making your dishes

Absolutely! Imagine feeding your kids nuts instead of hormones, stabilisers and artificial flavours. Hence our cheeses are a healthier and more nutritious substitute to snacks between meals. The cheese can used for pizzas, burgers, salads and applied on toasts.

Refrigeration is important because our products do not contain any preservatives. We recommend you refrigerate it once you come back from the super market.
Once opened, refrigerate it in an airtight container (preferably cling wrap it first, or keep it in a butter paper) to preserve the natural taste and freshness. Once opened, we recommend consuming our products within 3 weeks.

Most recipes with dairy cheeses can be made using our cheese. You can substitute these ingredients 1:1 for their dairy counterparts. Since our products are natural and preservative- free, we recommend you refrigerate the delicious dishes you make from them.

No added chemicals.